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Real Name: Torcher,  Unknown
Occupation: Demon 
Base of Operations: Happy Harbor (The Mad Yak)
Marital Status: Single, Unknown
Height: 4' 3''
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
First Appearance: Hourman #8


Origin: During the events of "Day of Judgment', Hell froze over leaving a lot of the demons and other inhabitants of Hell homeless.  On Earth, the normal patrons of the Mad Yak all were affected and we in need of exorcizing there own inner-demons.  Snapper especially.  Taking a bottle of ketchup and an old trick from JLA villian Felix Faust, Snapper brought Torcher and a group of other Demons to Earth and while the quickly terrorized the group.  After Torcher found a new taste for cheesecake, Snapper told him about the great part of being on Earth and the choices Torcher could now make.  Torcher then decided to use one of his Demon-like Powers and banish the rest of the demons from The Mad Yak.  Another  piece of cheesecake and a quick introduction to Riker, Torcher became the newest member to the Mad Yak group.