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Real Name: Lucas "Snapper" Carr
Age: 25
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140 lbs
  First Appearance: Silver Age Showcase #23

The care free sidekick for life. Snapper originally was the team mascot of the original Justice League of America. Helping with cases from the idea, Snapper was quickly admired by his teammates for his computer and mechanical skills. After an event in-which the Joker got Snapper to reveal the secret hideout of the Justice League, Snapper left the team due to his believed failure. Over the years, Snapper found himself in a number of different adventures including an adventure where he gained teleportation powers and went into outer space, after it ended under undisclosed failure, (it is unknown if Snapper still has these powers). From there Snapper's latest adventure ended in the brief marriage to Bethany Lee.

Now, Snapper lives in Happy Harbor working as an auto-mechanic and constantly dealing with the harassment of the Chief of Police in Happy Harbor, Audrey Lee, mother of Snapper's former wife. Audrey's hated for Snapper runs deep, she even went so far as to arrest Snapper under the charge of murder for the disappearance of her daughter Bethany. It was later revealed that Bethany had been reduced to a two year old after being hit by a stray chronological energy beam, she was later returned to her correct age. (Hourman Issue 1 and 2 ).

Snapper is now the sidekick and soul brother to Hourman. Teaching Hourman the "human"-side of life, while Hourman teaches Snapper how to see life for what it is, a continuing adventure.