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Team Name: "The Justice Society of America", The JSA

Team Headquarters: The former Dodds Mansion located in Manhattan, New York





Team Members: Atom-Smasher, Starman #7 (Jack Knight), Hawkgirl #2, Hourman #3, Wildcat, Black Canary #2, Flash #1 (Jay Garrick), Sentinel (formerly G.A. Green Lantern), Sand, Star Spangled Kid #2, Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), S.T.R.I.P.E (formerly Stripsey {Team Mechanic})

Team Formation: Aug. 1999

First Team Appearance: JSA Secret Files and Origins #1


    After the death of Wesly Dodds, the Golden Age Sandman the search was on for the child that would be born into the role of "Fate".    Sending word via Speed Sanders, former member of the Justice Society, the word of Wesly's death brought about a silent fear among the remaining JSA'ers.   Visiting the Knight's, Sentinel alerted the Golden Age Starman, his son Jack, the current Starman, and the newest incarnation of the Star Spangled Kid. On the other side of the coast, Hourman was joined by the Golden Age Flash and explained about his facination with the company that Rex Tyler (the Golden Age Hourman) created and his future birth in the same building.  The former hero known as Nuklon, decides its time for a change in his life. Wanting to live up to the expections of his godfather Al Pratt, the Atom and his grand father Terry Curtis, the Cyclotron said goodbye to his Nuklon name and decided to take the new identity of Atom Smasher. Joined by Wildcat, Atom Smasher was given the bad news about Wesly. So on, Black Canary #2 and Wonder Woman (Hippolyta) met with the bad news. The hero soon to be known to the world as Hawkgirl took her first flight and Sand, formerly know as Sandy The Golden Boy, inherited his late uncle's dreams. "Tell him its his time to dream now.  Tell him I'm sorry".


    After the funeral was interupted by a new villan called the Dark Lord and a mysterious appearance by the former inhabitants of the "Fate". This new team of heroes banded together in a search for the baby that would become the next "Fate".  The JSA split into different teams, in search of 3 different babies, one of which would become "Fate", while the new Star Spangled Kid went head-first into another adventure following Kent (former "Fate" and Scarab into a portal that would lead her to the baby, "Fate" and the Dark Lord. The only team that had luck finding there right baby comprised of Wildcat, Atom Smasher and Hourman, who happened to run across a new Hawkgirl attempting to protect the baby herself.  The meeting between Hawkgirl and the JSA team didn't last long as The Dark Lord himself defeated the 4 heroes and took the baby from them. 

Since that adventure, the JSA has continued to grow, soon adding the members Dr. Midnight #2, Mr. Teriffic #2 and maybe even the Spectre (Hal Jordon).