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Team Name: Justice Legion A, JLA of the 853rd Century.

First Appearance: JLA 1,000,000

Headquarters: In a force field bubble in orbit over Jupiter.

Team Members: The Flash (Mercury), Wonder Woman (Venus), Superman (Earth), Martian Manhunter (Mars), Starman (orbit over Uranus), Aquaman (Neptune), Batman (Pluto). Hourman (currently in the year 1999).

Origin: The Justice Legion A did not make the greatest of first impressions. The greatest celebration of all time would end in tragedy.   Sent to the 853rd century by their descendants to honor the return of the long absent Prime Superman, the JLA found the festivities sabotaged by the tyrant sun Solaris and still-living Vandal Savage.  While in the present, Hourman, hero of the time displaced Justice Legion A, unwittingly unleashed an insanity inducing techno-plague upon Earth, leading to global paranoia with respect to the futuristic heroes, just as Savage's past self decimated one city and threatened even more with nuclear destruction. Racing to eradicate the Hourman Virus, Justice Legion A rejoined the JLA in the future with the aid of the latter's newest members, in time to discover Solaris unearthing the so called "Knight Fragment," believed to be the galaxy's sole remaining Kryptonite, but in fact, a disguised Green Lantern power ring.  Its madness undone, Solaris met swift defeat at the hands of the greatest heroes of both eras The Justice Legion stayed in the 853rd century following the actions of "DC One Million". Hourman decided to remain back in 1999. Teaming up with the JLA and JSA on many occasions..