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Real Name: None (nicknamed Tyler)
Occupation: Guardian of the Space-Time Continuum
Base of Operations: Happy Harbor
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 181 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: None
First Appearance: JLA Vol. 3 Issue #12 (December 1997)

He is technological being, a "diamond generation intelligent machine colony" whose cells are laced with Miraclo gene biosoftware developed by Tyler Chemorobotics, a company founded by the original Hourman, inventor Rex Tyler. In the 853rd century, this Hourman encountered the JLA as they sought the "worlogog" of the New Gods -- an artifact that controls both time and space. This device was used by Lex Luthor in his bid to shatter the JLA. Instead, the worlogog was destroyed, creating a divergent reality in which Darkseid enslaved the Earth. Once the worlogog's destruction was undone and this future prevented, the device was entrusted to Hourman, who was charged with safeguarding the time stream. But the new master of has learned that his path does not lie in the future with the Justice Legion A, but among the present day JLA. Joining forces with his new best friend and soul mate Snapper Carr, Hourman now must contended to discover his own humanity as he soon joins forces with the JLA and Captain Marvel as they battle a war in the 5th dimension, and soon will find a more promintant place on a team as he joins the newest formation of the Justice Society of America.