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Real Name : Rick Tyler
Code Name : Hourman
Height : 5' 8"
Weight : 169 lbs.
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Brown
Father : Rex Tyler aka Hourman (DECEASED)
Mother : Wendi Harris Tyler
Group Affiliation : Infinity Inc. (as of Infinity Inc. # 21)

History and Powers :

During The Crisis of Infinite Earth's Rick took his first steps into Superheroism. After a hospital fire, Rick ingested some of his father's Miraclo and joined the fray. Despite the senior Tyler's strenuous objections, Rick designed a costume and became the new Hourman (Infinity Inc. #20-22) and later joined Infinity Incorporated (Infinity Inc. #25). By taking the chemical called Miraclo, Rick/Hourman could give himself superhuman strength (equal to that of 5 men); superhuman speed, stamina, and leaping ability, as well as an increased resistance to injury. His powers were (like his father) limited to exactly one hour from the time the Miraclo enters his blood stream. When the JSA entered Limbo to stall the coming of Ragnarok, Hourman (Rex Tyler) joined them (Last Days of the Justice Society #1). When the JSA emerged three years later, Rick Tyler had given up the role of Hourman and contracted some form of blood cancer (presumably a form of leukemia), apparently due to the Miraclo (Justice Society of America #2).