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Name: Epoch: The Lord of Time
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Base of Operations: Hypertime / Timepoint
First Appearance: Unknown


Epoch is the self professed "Lord of Time" who plagued the early Justice League as well as the Hypertime Universe hero's known as the Wildcats.  Epoch uses stolen technology from countless centuries to combat hero's through the centuries.  Recently in an effort to kill the hero known as Hourman, more exactly a past version of the hero known as Hourman. 

In the far future Hourman was trying to liberate the temporal prison known as "Timepoint" which brought him into direct combat with Epoch.  When Epoch couldn't beat Hourman in his own time, Epoch went "back in time" to attack the younger version of Hourman. 

On a trip outside the time stream Hourman, Bethany and Tyler were sailing on Hourman's Timeship outside of the time stream and suddenly were attacked by Epoch.  Using the ultimate prison, Epoch sealed the group in to "Timepoint."   To escape the "Timepoint", the future version of Hourman returned through "Tyler" only to emerge within the "Timepoint".  Recreating "Tyler", Hourman and Tyler figured out the escape to Timepoint is to "create time". Aging Snapper to a very old age, Epoch's suit opened spilling out the two Hourmans, Snapper, Bethany and the Timepoint. Once outside, the Hourmen defeated Epoch, even reducing him an infants stage.  Hourman gave "Tyler" the "Timepoint" trap to watch over and hopefully figure out an escape to, while he began his mission to defeat the time traveling villian.

Epoch would later go on to attack the combined team of the JLA and the Wildcats while attempting to fuse with the Omega Attractior.