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"Minds were made to be blown. That's something we'd like to measure up to with this book."-- Tom Peyer

The legacy of Miraclo, the Tylers and Hourman span for centuries into the future. In the early 40's, World War II era mystery men soon rise in the shadows. One hero, born to the world as Rex Tyler would take a pill of his own design, "Miraclo" and for one hour a day Rex Tyler would become the super powered Hourman. Hourman, as well as many other mystery men of that era banded together to become, The Justice Society of America.

Over the next 40 years, the age of Rex Tyler and most of the JSA aged very slowly. In that time, the JSA watched their successors and children grow to take their roles in society as heroes. Heroes like Jade (daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern), Barry Allen (The Flash) Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), and even the son of Rex Tyler, Rick Tyler became Hourman II.

During the event known as " Zero Hour ", the JSA had there last stand in battle with Extant. Extant was later reveled to be Monarch formerly the hero known as Hawk. With but a touch Extant actually finished the JSA by returning the JSA to their true ages, in effect the Golden Age Hourman rapidly aged until his death. Before Hourman died though he did get a strange visitor. The newest Hourman from the 853rd century stopped time to show Rex, that the future would hold many things in the Tyler family line and with that Rex Tyler died with a tear in his eye and a smile on his face.

Now, the current version of Hourman, filled with the bloodline of the Tyler's now works with the Justice Legion A, the Justice League and the next version of The Justice Society in his pursuit of humanity. Along with friend/soul mate Snapper Carr, Hourman is learning that the 90s really isn't way he pictured it, but sure is having a blast learning from it.

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